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About Afrika Mayibuye Entrepreneurship Hub Accelerator

Afrika Mayibuye Entrepreneurship Hub Accelerator known popularly as AMEHA or Afrika Mayibuye Social Accelerator is a Pan African Social Enterprise that works to mainstream and accelerate the empowerment and development of women, youth, children and the disabled through education and training, skills development, entrepreneurship and humanitarian development. .

Afrika Mayibuye Social Accelerator is involved in the following work:

  • icon Skills Development
  • icon Job Readiness Development
  • icon Recruitment and Talent Acquisition
  • icon Enterprise Development

Afrika Mayibuye is a Non-profit Organization that exists for the greater purpose of transforming the lives of people and changing people from being seekers of opportunities into being creators of opportunities and from being people who complain about problems into being problem solvers and solution providers

From its inception and registration in 2016 to date, Afrika Mayibuye has reached over 2 000 directly and indirectly

aspiring entrepreneurs
community builders
non-profit companies and NPOs.
image OUR AIM

Afrika Mayibuye aims

to become a Pan Africanist organization committed to playing a role in the creation of the African continent of our dreams and aspirations,

It's to do this, the organization provides various services that cater for people of all works of life and also runs a number of education, training, skills development and enterprise development programmes aimed at empowering and capacitating our people with the different skills and attributes

It's We also exist to play a role in the skills revolution that south Africa and the African continent is going through of building a skilled and competent workforce that will enable our people to be free from poverty and inequality.

It's As an organization that upholds the values and pillars of Ubuntu and solidarity, we also run a number of various community engagement, social responsibility, humanitarian aid projects that cater for the less fortunate and those in need.


Our awesome team

Mrs. Nobulumko Nyawula

Skills Development Facilitator

Mrs. Maseepho Hlabi

Community Development Officer

Mrs. Lebogang Mahlohla

Market and Communications Officer

Mr. Khotso Tsibela

Facilities Officer

Miss Nontombi Buthelezi

Office Administrator

Mrs. Sonti Mabuya

Office Assistant